Sunday, June 5, 2011

They have arrived!

Great seat for birdwatching.
 Being an Innkeeper and embracing that lifestyle has been the greatest adventure of my life and I have come to appreciate aspects that I never had time for before.  Like waking up before day brake in spring and summer and as night broke into light hearing the birds start to chirp softly. As the sun slowly rises into full daylight it becomes louder as each bird sings its own song. Before long they are at the feeders. 
Walkway to the upper patio

Our first Bed and Breakfast was in a "holler" as they say in West Virginia. Our houses are nestled into the mountain, hand laid stone stairs and walkways took you up two natural ponds one above the other fed by underground streams. Following the stairs you came upon a patio that is shaded with large Hemlocks and Pines so that you can relax or have a cook-out. Walking down the main stone steps; the tiered gardens surrounded you. I learned gardening, birdwatching, natural beauty and so much more those years; its our retirement heaven.

Ruby Throat in flight
My husband and I are now caring for Magnolia Hill Bed and Breakfast in Arkansas, we have put out feeders and ever since last year they have entertained us and our guests.We await eagerly for our favorite little birds; when they arrive we know that spring is here and summer not far. If you have never had the pleasure of watching these amazing creatures you are missing something incredible. The Ruby Throat Hummers have arrived in numbers that outnumber last year and they keep arriving. The little helicopters of the bird family that are so territorial that its a wonder that the mate and have babies. We can spend an entire afternoon or early evening watching them chirp and fight with each other for the nectar with several feeders throughout the garden it keeps our guests entertained. Don't be surprised,however if in the first weeks of June they disappear-they have gone to nest and will be back within two-three weeks. 

Some Hummer facts: The "scouts" are the first hummers you will see early in the season; they scout the area and somehow tell the others were there is the best food (flowers included) to settle for the summer.Hummingbirds are very smart and they can remember every flower they have been to, and how long it will take a flower to refill. When hummingbirds sleep at night, they go into a hibernation-like state called torpor. More hummer facts

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